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Flora Lonae Drip Cream


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Flora Lonae Drip Cream is handcrafted with the perfect blend of immediate acting ingredients to ensure you drip (sweat) the fat away. When you incorporate Flora Lonae Drip Cream into your regular exercising routine, you target the sweat glands to increase perspiration, and you will be amazed at the heated results.

Our drip cream can be used with any other physical workouts.

We recommend for best results use Flora Lonae Drip Cream during cardio and or high-intensity workouts and with Flora Lonae Fat Burning Sweat bags.

How does it work:

  • Apply a generous amount to cover the skin (do not rub it in) of the desired area.
  • Allow Drip Cream to set for 5-10 minutes pre-workout.

Feel the Burn with Flora Lonae Drip Cream Enjoy the Hot Results!