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Flora Lonae Dream Band


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The Band That Gives You The Body You Always Dreamed of!

We are introducing our new one-size-fits-all Flora Lonae Dream Band! 

Our New Innovative Technology gives you targeted Compression in your abdominal area. Securing Both Upper & Lower belly. The added benefit is this unique design fits all body shapes and types, leaving YOU with Zero worries about the proper Size.

The Flora Lonae Dream Band is the perfect body shaper that helps to easily burn fat and calories whether you’re exercising, running errands, completing household tasks, at the office, or going about your normal daily activities.

  • Seamless
  • Excellent elasticity & durable
  • Fabric: 35% latex + 65%polyester
  • Adjustable Compression 
  • Provides complete coverage for both Upper & Lower Stomach 
  • One Wrap Design   

 It increases metabolism that flattens the abdomen to help define your curves.
 Reduces and snatches the waist to give you a lovely hourglass figure
 It straightens your posture, provides lower back support 

For daily use, underclothes, workouts, post-surgery, or postpartum.

 One Size fits All